After some delay….

To my fellow Writing Researchers,

After some delay, I have figured out I need a certain kind of software to convert our selected PDF files into “optically recognized text” in order for our group effort to work.  Apparently I need Adobe Acrobat Pro in order to do this.  So, I have made appointments and I have been waiting on OCIS for the past few days in order to load up this software onto my computer.  But they have not kept our scheduled appointments (As Richonda & Katherine taught me to say, I have been “keaned”).  So…I will go to the OCIS office rather than waiting on them on Monday.  In terms of moving forward, we will eventually have this PDF conversion issue resolved, but in the meantime, here is the plan:

We will read Andaiye’s two selected articles before class.  We will not be able to hypothes.isize them together, but we can still proceed “old-school”.  So please read :

Charney, Davida. “Empiricism is not a Four-Letter Word.” College Composition & Communication 47.4 (1996): 567-593

Sheila Clawson, Marion S. MacLean, Marian M. Mohr, Mary Ann Nocerino, Courtney Rogers, Betsy Sanford, “Out of Our Experience:  Useful Theory.” The Quarterly, Vol. 25, No. 4  Date: 2003.

In addition, please blog about these two texts for class.  Andaiye will lead us through a discussion and a group consideration of these readings when we meet on Monday night.  We will also continue to discuss the selected readings for the remaining schedule, and start a plan for your research proposal work.

See you soon…

Enjoy the weekend!

Dr. Zamora


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