Getting Started!

It was wonderful to see you all last night – and to welcome our new MA in English, Writing Studies students (who are starting the program for the first time this semester), and also to welcome back the rest of you (including those who have taken a bit of time off and are now returning). I can sense that you will be a thoughtful group, and that the talent and diversity in your class ranks will result in a dynamic learning experience for all. This is going to be an insightful Spring semester!

Last night we discussed the overall purpose of the course, and I hope you will begin to think about your own “research identity”.  There is ground to cover in understanding research in the field of Writing Studies.  And perhaps there is much ground to cover in discovering the kind of research you might like to pursue in the future (i.e. your eventual MA thesis project). No matter what course of inquiry you pursue for your final thesis project, all of you will engage in active and formal research processes to complete this degree. In this key seminar, you will explore many established research methodologies that are foundational to our field.  Meanwhile, you will also discover your own motivations and values regarding the overall research enterprise.

Our class slides/agenda from 1/18:

When I see you next, we will start by picking up on that early discussion of your current research identity. The intimate nature of the course will lend itself to an atmosphere of attentive discussion and thoughtful group reflection.  In other words, we will ponder the shared readings and consider many examples of established research protocols, as we continue to develop a more personal sense of ourselves as researchers in the field of Writing Studies.

To do list:

  1. Please create your new (free) WordPress blog and share here. (Note: please do not use a blog from a former class. I prefer you create a new site for this course.)
  2. Please read: Introduction to “Where Research Begins
  3. Please search our class Reading Roster for research methodologies of your relative interest – choose a preferred date (or two) for your presentation, as well as the topic for your presentation. We will work out our presentation schedule (by collegial negotiation) on the evening of 1/25. **I hope to have a kind volunteer to take the lead on the first night of presentation on Feb 8th. Please note that for the first presenter (who will kick off our presentation series on 2/8) the reading is already pre-selected.
  4. Blog #1 is due by 1/25 in the morning: Introduce yourself to your new MA in Writing cohort (in whatever way you would like to). Tell us a little about yourself, and why are you pursuing an MA in Writing Studies? How would you describe your current “research identity” or your feelings about doing research?
    • (**Reminder: the deadline to publish your blogs each week is no later than Thursday mornings at 8am).

See you next week!  

Looking forward to it,

Dr. Zamora

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