Invention (& catching up with Katherine’s selections this week…)

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder as to our class plan:  We have Katherine’s readings slated for discussion on Monday (3/27), and then MaryKate will present a week later (4/3).

In lieu of the presentation planned last week, we did set a course for your early proposal work by discussing at more length the elements of a solid research proposal (Introduction, Lit Review, Methodology).  You have now all entered into the early “invention” or discovery phase of your research proposal.  Invention is another way of describing the early brainstorming jump-start to research.  Remember, you have a wide and open field to work with, but you do want there to be an inquiry regarding writing at the center of your work.

This week you should be brainstorming your thesis topic ideas – via generating lists, free writing through ideas, sketches & outlines, or “mind maps”, etc.  In the second part of class next week, we will discuss your brainstorming efforts and then try to move towards the early-draft phase of your proposal introduction.  For your blog post, please include and account of your “invention efforts” and write up your list of potential thesis topics.  You are welcome to include screenshots of pics of your invention notes or ideas/maps.

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you all soon.

Looking forward to discussing grounded theory and participatory culture with Katherine!


Dr. Zamora



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