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Hi everyone,

What a great class discussion last week.  I liked our “cozy environs” down in the cafe.  And Mary Kate did an excellent job of walking us through an overall consideration of young adult reading and writing practices.  I know the Black article in particular will be an important methodology reference point for some of you moving forward.

Just a quick reminder regarding next week’s agenda:  Katherine will finally get the chance to walk us through her readings, so we will spend a bit of time thinking about “grounded theory” as well as “participatory culture” and writing practices.  Most of you have already read and blogged your reflection her two texts, but if not, now is your chance to catch up on that.  Here are the readings again:

“Grounded Theory: A Critical Research Methodology” by Joyce Magnotto Neff in Under Construction: Working at the Intersection of Composition Theory, Research, and Practice (Please note this reading is one chapter in the larger file you have access to via link – Chapter 9, pages 124-135.)

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century” by Henry Jenkins. (**Please read from page 7 to approximately page 21.)

In part two of class, please be prepared to speak about your Introduction to your research proposal.  You have been brainstorming this for a bit, but I hope that you have now all “turned the corner” and have formulated a solid version of a proposal introduction.  ***Please blog a link to your draft version of the Research Proposal Introduction , and be ready for some class peer review work on it.

See you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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