Moving forward…

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience. So it turns out that my own difficulty wasn’t a sinus or ear infection, but an emergency root canal was in order.  What a joy.  By next week I certainly hope we are “back in the saddle” again.  MaryKate will lead us in a discussion of young writers and their writerly identities via a discussion of critical literacy and fan fiction communities.

In the meanwhile, I hope you were all able to take the time during last class period to complete the required IRB certification online.  Please send me your certificate of completion via email, since it is a requirement for the completion of your MA degree in Writing Studies.

So for next week:

Please read and blog on MaryKate’s reading selections for next week:

Developing Students’ Critical Literacy: Exploring Identify Construction in Young Adult Fiction by Thomas W. Bean and Karen Moni

Online Fan Fiction, Global Identities, and Imagination by Rebecca Black

In addition, remember that you should be moving beyond the early brainstorming phase into a rough draft of the introduction of your research proposal.  Please complete that rough draft of your research proposal for next class, and we can proceed with initial peer editing phase and offer each other early feedback.

Take care everyone.

See you soon,

Dr. Zamora


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