One last step, ….and congrats!

We have made it to the finish line of #WritingResearch.  What a wonderful seminar-style experience we have had.  A shout out to Marissa and Hailey for their excellent wrap up of our presentations with a comprehensive overview of “DH” – the Digital Humanities.  And I am so glad you were all able to be a part of the Spring Symposium last night.  I am sure it was worthwhile to catch a glimpse of the unique contributions that each student produced this year.  I also hope it opens up for all of you a sense of what is possible as you plan your own future work to wrap up your MA degree.

Last order of business – Your final contribution for this class will be your Writing Research Self Assessment.  Please submit this final reflection via email by Monday, May 15th.

It has been a pleasure to work with each of you this semester.  I count myself very lucky to have the opportunity to continue to learn and grow with each of you.  We will all remain in touch this coming academic year, despite the fact that my home address will be father away.  We are connected after all, and it is the 21st century.  My email will remain the same of course. 😉

Thanks for the continued inspiration.


Dr. Zamora


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