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Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend!  Just an update on our progress:

Andaiye kicked us off with an excellent discussion of empiricism & positivism vs. more intuitive/pedagogical approaches to writing research.  Our conversation was rich and interesting, and I think we were able to learn quite a bit about the broad range of methodological leanings (and the general attitudes about what those choices might mean in the context of an ever evolving academy).  Although Andaiye chose the Charney article with one understanding of what empiricism might entail, she then (ironically) discovered it had quite a different connotation than her first impression.  On the other hand, the “Out of Our Experience” article pairing did the trick in leading all of us to different angle by emphasizing experiential modes for research.  So in the end, the pairing was useful in drawing to our attention to a “writing research methods spectrum”.

For our meeting next week, Richonda will guide us through:

Joanne Addison and Sharon James McGee, “Writing in High School/Writing in College: Research Trends and Future Directions.College Composition & Communication 62:1 (2010) 

Amicucci, Ann N. “How They Really Talk”: Two Students’ Perspectives On Digital Literacies In The Writing Classroom.” Journal Of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 57.6 (2014): 483-491. ERIC. Web. 19 Feb. 2017. (*This article will be sent directly to you via Richonda by email.)

As always, please read and post a your blog reflection on the material for class.  Please note that the first article (Addison & McGee) can be read via hypothes.is by clicking on it from our Reading Roster.  Please annotate that one on hypothes.is.  I look forward to another great conversation with all of you.


Dr. Zamora


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