Up and running again!

I am happy we are “back up and running” after what seemed like an especially long respite.  Thank you to Richonda for guiding us through an excellent discussion of the pedagogical articles entitled “Writing in High School/Writing in College: Research Trends and Future Directions” and “’How They Really Talk’: Two Students’ Perspectives On Digital Literacies In The Writing Classroom.”  By selecting these two readings you were all given a thorough glimpse into two distinct research models.  The Addison & McGee article entailed survey work and quantitive evaluation, while the scholarship by Amicucci offered a reference point for all of you regarding “case study’ research and methodology.  I enjoyed our overall discussion which provided many insights and new questions.  Your shared annotation work stands as an additional record of rich discussion.

The second part of class was productive as we “cracked open” the mystery of preparing a research proposal.  By walking through the official research proposal assignment, you all now have a working outline for what a formal research proposal entails.  Next week when we continue our work on your individual proposal preparation, we will discuss first steps in the process of developing a proposal.

Katherine will walk us though two excellent selections next week, highlighting both “grounded theory” as a methodological approach to writing studies research.  In addition, she will also have us consider the connection between “participatory culture” and writing practices.  Please read and blog your reflection on the following two texts (which can also be accessed from our Reading Roster):

“Grounded Theory: A Critical Research Methodology” by Joyce Magnotto Neff in Under Construction: Working at the Intersection of Composition Theory, Research, and Practice (Please note this reading is one chapter in the larger file you have access to via link – Chapter 9, pages 124-135.)

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century” by Henry Jenkins. (**Please read from page 7 to approximately page 21.)

Looking forward to another great chat about writing studies research next week!


Dr. Zamora


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