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Thanks Katherine for an excellent conversation this past week.  Perhaps grounded theory seemed pretty complex/complicated while reading the Neff article, but Katherine effectively demystified the method by leading us through a collective penguin-cam watch.  Our resulting discussion was the opening of a grounded theory pathway for sure, and it became more apparent how one might proceed in the development of such a collaborative and fluid research methodology.  We were also able to consider writing behaviors in the context of participatory culture. Katherine’s  questions regarding the viability of this kind of writing in classrooms verses  outside of classrooms was an important moment in our shared reflections.  So much of the development of a writerly identity can happen outside of school.  And yet, the educational sector has not been able to grasp or harness such an important phenomenon.

For next week, we will think further about writing and social action.  Stephanie will lead us through two articles:

  1.  “Service and Self Renewal:  Service Learning as a Means to Invigorate and Renew Teachers” in The Activist Learner by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Whitney Douglas, and Sara W. Fry (pg. 110-122).
  2. Principles for Practice:  What is Social Action?” by Jennie Fleming and Ian Boulton in Writing for Change: Boosting Literacy and Leaning through Social Action.  (pg. 87-95)

Please read Stephanie’s selections and post a reflection blog about the two readings.

In the second half of class we will review the procedures and expectations regarding a Literature Review for your formal Research Proposal.  By now you should have developed an introduction to your research.  We can continue to work through your drafts of the introduction through peer review.  I will try to continue checking in with you individuals as we proceed in these final few weeks of class (during the second part of our class time).

Remember, your formal Research Proposal assignment is due on May 8th.  That night we will also have the MA in Writing Studies Spring Symposium Party:

Date: Monday, May 8, 2017 

Time: 4:30-6:30 p.m. 

Where: Green Lane 306 

We will celebrate your colleagues’ culminating MA research and their creative works.  As we will celebrate together as a special community, food and refreshments will be served (catered).  I hope you might also consider bringing something along that night as well to supplement/enhance our “Gourmet Dining” selections ;).

See you next Monday.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Dr. Zamora



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