Welcome to #WritingResearch

As you all know, “Writing Research & Methods” is one of two courses required for your MA in Writing Studiesdegree.  This course is dedicated to the notion of research, and helping you understand/discover yourself as a researcher.  I know it will serve as a foundation for many of you as you carry on your academic journey in Writing Studies.

Our weekly meetings will be intimate gatherings wherein we engage in the rigors of theoretical inquiry and further consider research methodology in the field of Writing Studies.  In this setting, I am confident that we will stumble upon and uncover many new ideas & understandings together throughout the course of the semester.
Our first night will be  a basic orientation dedicated to reviewing the course information, course reading roster, and course schedule (these documents in total make up a traditional syllabus).  I look forward to getting to know each of you even better this semester!


Dr. Zamora

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