What is research?

Starting a new semester can be exciting, but it can also be draining (perhaps in invisible ways that are unforeseen). This is the case, even if we start new seasons of life with a positive attitude. It is important to me to know the energy level of the room. I think it is a significant “life skill” to consider where people might be coming from. With this in mind, I am grateful for our weekly check-ins. You shared some telling metaphors about how you feel at Week 2 of this Spring semester:

The grad school path you have chosen will not always be easy, but remember that challenges are opportunities in disguise. The trick is in enjoying the learning process. I hope we can continue to have insightful discussions like the ones we started with last night. Your first impressions of what research might be revealed many important insights: -research is discovery, -research is the pursuit of truth, -research can be life changing, and -research is a way of thinking, …deeply. Research yields new knowledge, and it can open up new possibilities in this dynamic world. Anyone can do research.

I am glad we settled the first part of our Course Calendar negotiation – we now know all of your presentation dates, and your the research methodology you will cover for the seminar group. What remains is your own selection of the specific reading(s) for your presentation. Please email me the following information pertaining to your own presentation – the name of your selected article and the link. In addition, please insert the article name and that link into our Calendar worksheet.

Your to-do list for next week:


Please read the following two selections:

Research methodologies. A comparison of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods

Swales & the CARS Model


Please write your second blog (due before 9am on 2/1). What are your impressions regarding the differences between quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods? What are your thoughts on the CARS model? Any new reflections of the research process?


Please email me the name of the article (and the link) of your chosen reading for your own seminar presentation. In addition, please insert this article name and the link into the Calendar worksheet.

See you next week for continued discussion and further community building!

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