Wrapping up w/ #DH (-the Digital Humanities)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for a dynamic (and pleasurable) discussion last week on the role that narrative might play more generally in writing (academic, journalistic, scholarly, or otherwise).  The ability to create an engaging and meaningful story is a foundational skill that all writers need to master.  I think the critical readings from last week were an effective “loop back to basics”.  I sensed that you all enjoyed the revisitation as well.

For our final discussion this semester, we will hear from both Hailey and Marissa.  They are teaming up to present and overview of a writing studies methodological approach which has come to be known as “the digital humanities”.  They will guide our discussion with reference to two articles, and they will also have us explore a digital tool or two.

Please read and blog a reflection of their two reading selections:

With the remaining time left in class, I will be available for a “check-in” regarding your research proposal progress.  Remember, your research proposal assignment is due on May 8th.  This assignment is really just a “first stop ” along the longer journey towards your MA thesis.  The work you will complete here is not a “contract” for your future research (there is room for evolution and change).  But it is an important early step in a broader process that will build momentum as the time unfolds.
Monday May 1 is also the evening of the MA in Writing Studies program’s “Spring Symposium”, which will run from 4:30-6:30pm in Green Lane 306.  You will hear from each of the current graduates, who will be sharing a bit of their thesis work with friends and family.  Please consider bringing some food to make our gathering more celebratory!
There will also be a final self-assessment blog which will be due a week later (on May 15th).  We will not meet that night, but you will complete your overall work for the course with that last blog post.
See you on Monday!
Dr. Zamora

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